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Auto Enrolment and Workplace pensions are now both at the heart of retirement planning for the vast majority of employees in the UK.

Salvus was designed to meet the needs of all employers and their staff but not just so they can tick a box to say they have complied - Salvus delivers so much more.

There are however major differentiators that are often ignored or not understood by employers and their advisers when it comes to selecting a workplace pension.

For Advisers, if this is still about retirement planning and not just complying then Salvus is a good fit:

Salvus offers:

  • A quality independent default fund
    • We publish the performance track record 
    • River & Mercantile (previously P-solve) are the investment advisers to the trustees
    • How can you recommend a workplace pension without understanding the default fund? Review our default fund analysis and reporting
  • A quality range of investment choices we call Self Select
    • Fund range that covers the main asset classes
    • Allows Advisers to work with members to build the right investment selection
  • Transfers in
    • Pension consolidation is crucial in retirement planning with more and more of us working for multiple employers throughout our careers
    • Consolidate all your client's previous pensions without the fear of inheritance tax charge as our trustees ensure that death benefits are not deemed part of your estate. 
  • Death in Service coming soon
  • We are already active in the secondary market
    • Where employers and their advisers have questioned the decision to go with one of the other pension providers we are ready to take over and keep the employer compliant
  • Auto Enrolment compliance software provided at no extra cost
    • Salvus self-service software generates and can issue compliant member communications for employers when payroll will not
  • We are fully digital
    • Our platform deals with employer  set up easily and in just a few minutes
    • Agreements are signed electronically
    • Direct debits are set up  and signed electronically
    • Payroll data can be uploaded securely in seconds using our standardised template
    • Opting out is securely managed online
    • Pensions Members can manage their personal account online

We provide this service to employers and their staff at a reduced cost with your dedicated discount code

Set-up fee

Nil, zero no charge!

Get Terms with Salvus for Workplace and for all Plus cases, please contact -

Once registered don't forget that Salvus accepts transfers in. If you have a client who has an existing workplace pension with another provider and is looking to consolidate, we are happy to discuss bespoke AMCs (depending on transfer value and or annual contribution level).

Typically AMCs of 0.29% to 0.5% mono are available.

Annual Management Charge 

0.5% but options are available on transfer values to reduce this. Contact us on all transfer values over £100,000.

Monthly Member charge 

Nil, zero no charge!

Employer Monthly charge

£20 per month for Workplace and Nil, zero no charge for all Plus approved cases.

VAT applies to employer charges.