Payroll Professionals

Are you a Payroll Professional? Do you run multiple payrolls for a number of employers? Regardless of how many employer payrolls you run, each employer client will need to comply with Auto Enrolment regulations.

Is Auto Enrolment a threat to your practice or can it help grow your business?

From the research and experience of a number of leading payroll professionals and pension providers it is now clear that there are 2 types of payroll professional as far as Auto Enrolment is concerned:


“We have Auto-enrolment covered.”

 “We only do payroll and not Auto-enrolment”

Some payroll professionals have bought a module from the software provider and are just waiting on their client getting in touch to tell them what pension they want to use.

…is it really that simple?

Many payroll professionals don’t want to get involved. But as payroll, auto-enrolment and pension contributions are so closely linked then what does the small employer do on finding out his payroll firm does not support Auto Enrolment?








Salvus Mastertrust is independently accredited to ICAEW standards and meets all requirements of a modern Workplace Pension. Payroll professionals use Salvus to streamline auto-enrolment. 

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