Salvus is open to all employers and is compatible with all payroll software providers. Some, of course, are easier to interact with than others.

There is no common data standard that has been adopted by all workplace pension and payroll providers. Many of the more progressive payroll software providers have created bespoke reports available to their users designed to meet the requirements of the workplace pension provider.

Conversely, some payroll software does not produce pension data. The worst example of this is HMRC's own free payroll tool known as BPT. There is no pension provider report available which leaves many users of this software cutting and pasting and creating these critical reports themselves. 

It is important that payroll data is uploaded in the exact format we require and we have produced a detailed guide on each of our templates. See our templates here available on Sage, Brightpay, Moneysoft, SD Works(Ceridian) and many more..