Why choose Salvus Master Trust?

Salvus Mastertrust is a workplace pension open to ALL employers. Designed and created by leading pension administrator and consultancy Goddard Perry Group Salvus also has a section that is used by the Pension Protection Fund (PPF) for employers entering the PPF with money purchase benefits. Salvus was designed to be not just for employers meeting their Auto Enrolment obligations but also for employers with existing pension arrangements who want to offer their employees better Value for Money. Salvus can also be used by members to consolidate any previous pensions they might have, bringing multiple pension pots under one roof. Salvus offers a fully online integrated solution for employers including issuing statutory communications required under the Auto-enrolment regulations. 

Salvus also offers all of the latest options for members who have reached retirement including:

  • Take it as a cash sum
  • Buy an annuity
  • Draw on your pension fund as you need it

Salvus Mastertrust Evolution


Salvus Master Trust

  • is a Qualifying Workplace Pension Scheme ;
  • is an Occupational Pension Scheme regulated by the Pensions Regulator (TPR);
  • accepts all employers that wish to use it, irrespective of size;
  • Independently accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) Master Trust Assurance Framework (MAF), click here{link to the MAF document};
  • governed by an  independent Trustee Board;
  • is a full-service Workplace Pension offering a default strategy and a wide range of investment options outside of the default and supports pension freedoms
  • allows complete flexibility introduced by the new Pension Reforms, including Cash, Annuity and Drawdown via Salvus Retirement Bridge, click here for more information on Pension Freedoms.

HS Administrative Services Ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary of Goddard Perry Group) - The Administrator of Salvus Mastertrust

  • Dedicated DB and DC administrator since 1985;
  • 70 staff based in Liverpool;
  • £3 bn of assets under administration;
  • 180,000 pension scheme members;
  • 24,000  participating employers
  • FCA regulated and a wholly owned subsidiary of the Goddard Perry Group;
  • Appointed administrator to the Pension Protection Fund (PPF), click here for more information on the PPF.

Goddard Perry Group - The Sponsor of Salvus Mastertrust

  • Established in 1982 and FCA regulated;
  • Pension consultancy, administration and actuarial services;
  • Goddard Perry Group consists of Goddard Perry Consulting, Goddard Perry Actuarial, HS Admin, DBC Pension Services and Salvus Master Trust.

Psolve (River and Mercantile) - The Investment Advisor to Trustees of Salvus Mastertrust

  • FCA regulated
  • A dedicated team specialising in DC investment management
  • Over 15 years experience

The Trustee Board

  • Able Governance - With over 20 years of pensions experience, Nick Boyes Managing Director of Able Governance, acts as an Independent Pension Trustee to bring best governance practice to Salvus.
  • CBC Pension Services - CBC Trustees Ltd is able to provide independent pension professionals who can act as an independent chairman, trustee or investment committee member.The experience we have learned from managing different pension arrangements in constantly changing environments has given us the skills to be able to present independent professional views in a clearly understood way within the appropriate context. Michael Clark is Chairman of Salvus Mastertrust Trustee Board
  • Andrew Blackman - Andrew has spent over 30 years in the pensions industry. He advises a number of defined benefit and defines contribution pension schemes on their governance, legislative and regulatory duties. Previously, Andrew has worked for Mercer, PIFC (now Capita) and Sun Life