Salvus Workplace

Available to any employer from one employee to 1000s, Salvus Workplace is a full-service workplace pension. Its fully online and takes seconds to set up. New employers with no existing workplace pension can use this when they employ their first member of staff. Automatic Enrolment duties start on the same day as the employment of that first employee.

Salvus Workplace delivers:

  • Open to all employers from 1 employee to 1000s
  • A qualifying workplace pension designed to meet Auto-enrolment rules
  • Online set up in minutes and secure Employer Portal to manage your workplace pension
  • Investment using Aegon Asset Management one of the largest investment houses in the world
  • Our default investment fund has delivered strong returns over last 5 years
  • A choice of funds for those people who want to select their own investment options
  • A complete automatic enrolment solution
  • Dedicated online accounts for all your staff members
  • A simple clear low-cost charge
  • A proactive support team - keeping employers compliant
  • Online Employer Helpdesk

Salvus Workplace.

Quick, Simple, Online