Coronavirus pandemic

Are you an employer in Salvus?

During what are unprecedented measures being taken by governments around the world to fight the pandemic, everyone’s day to day life is being affected in some way.

Salvus Master Trust is open, but all staff are working from home. Please contact us via email at, however we may take longer than usual to respond.

We have put together a Q&A for employers here, we will continually review and update these as we learn more about any measures taken by the UK government.

Are you a member of Salvus?

You will probably be aware of the significant falls that have taken place in global financial markets as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. These falls will have an impact upon pensions and savings all over the world, and unfortunately this will include members of the Salvus Master Trust.

The Trustees of the Salvus Master Trust believe that members should not panic, but should remember that pension savings are for the long term, and that markets typically respond positively after a crisis has passed.

If you wish to contact Salvus, please email us via

If you are uncertain as to how this impacts you and your investments we recommend that you seek financial advice. If your employer uses a financial adviser in connection with their scheme, you may wish to speak to them. If there is no adviser associated with your scheme, you could find an Independent Financial Advisor here.

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